With the Rock Hard Pump Kit, pumping isn €™t just about gains anymore. This high-quality assortment of products is designed to enhance your erection and stimulate your most sensitive spots all at once.

The pump features a smoked cylinder that allows for easy viewing pleasure so you can watch your erection expand. It uses a vacuum-seal system to create pressure and increase blood flow to your penis, expanding both length and girth over time. You €™ll love the harder erections, greater size, and increased pleasure that ensues!

A removable and soft TPR donut sits on the base of the cylinder to optimize your pleasure and comfort. A flexible hose makes pumping in all of your favorite positions a breeze. The easy squeeze bulb puts optimized erections in the palm of your hand, and a quick-release valve allows you to easily dissipate the pressure on your penis when you €™ve finished pumping for the day.

But thiskit is more than just a high-quality pump. Now you can enjoy reaching new levels of size and pleasure while using our erotic, adjustable leather ball spreader. Enjoy increased stamina and sensitivity while you pump, during solo play, or while making love to a partner.

Channel your kinky side and explore your sensitive anal nerve endings with the smooth and pliable silicone probe. Anal stimulation awakens your prostate and can lead to even more explosive orgasms. Insert your new probe while you pump or while you play for heightened sensations and all over stimulation.

Take your pumping experience to the next level and lose yourself in pleasure while you enhance your erection. Try thiskit for yourself!
Package Weight
11.60 Ounces
Package Dimensions
3.30W by 11.00H by 4.50L inches