Petite, discrete, and oh so sweet, the Liberator Jaz Motion sex pillow cushion is all about keeping your booty moving and your body stable. An ideal companion for couples who enjoy adding the motion back into their ocean, this compact shape lets you experience two distinct movements. Use the pillow on the curved side for subtle rocking back and forth, or lay it flat as a sex wedge for a gentle slope that helps increase your traction and create more satisfying penetration. Like all the rest of our fantastic collection of  sex furniture, the sex pillow helps support, lift, and elevate your body to connect better with your partner and keep your bodies aligned. Ideal for solo masturbation sessions, the Jaz Motion can be left on the bed and used whenever the mood for orgasms strikes. Add more to your sexual repertoire and include a  sex ramp  for an added boost, or bring a  Fascinator Throw  into the mix to keep your bedding in tip-top shape.
Petite Sex Pillow
Provides Rocking Motion
Curved and Contoured
Package Weight
50.30 Ounces
Package Dimensions
8.00W by 8.00H by 17.50L inches